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Corbis Gay Ad

I just got my first gay targeted ad on a non-gay website.  I guess after many years of web surfing my gay cookies are kicking in.  Or that advertisers are catching on to gay marketing. This is an ad by … Continue reading

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Movie: Prometheus, Ripoff of Asimov

Just a few minutes into the movie, I thought the entire opening sequence seemed so familiar.  It’s not an exact rip-off, but it was very close to a science fiction story I had read when I was a kid. * … Continue reading

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Asian in Prometheus – Art Imitates Life

Before I begin my commentary on the token Asian in the movie, I just wanted to say that I liked it.  The trailer may have oversold the energy and the suspense of the story a bit, but what’s new there. … Continue reading

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The Chinatown Bus

Before the Bolt Bus and their $1 rides, there was the Chinatown bus.  It seemed to me that there was always the Chinatown bus.  Dirt cheap and gets you there… sometimes.

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The Five Gay Brothers

I’m starting a new site for my fictional writing.  The Five Gay Brothers is a collection of fictional stories and parables told from a different perspective; the Gay Asian Geek perspective. This site may contain adult, racial and sexual themes … Continue reading

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