This site is about Gay Asians. Gay Asians as individuals.  Gay Asians as a collective. Gay Asians as perceived.  And Gay Asians in reality.

This site is for Geeks. Geek in all definitions of the word.  Peculiar.  Odd.  Obsessive. Socially inept.  Intellectual.  Focused.  Passionate.  We may bite off more than we can chew… and put our feet in our mouths… sometimes.  But we are not afraid to stand out.

We. Speak proudly our thoughts.  Discuss wild ideas.  Create social change.

Join us. Read essays from our contributors.  Comment with your thoughts.  Email us your ideas.  Connect with the community.  Whether you are Gay, Asian, Geek; or any combination; or none of the above – contribute!

Have Respect
Have Attitude
Speak from Heart

Sincerely Yours,
Gay Asian Geek

1 Response to About

  1. Jack says:

    If i may just say… I think Asian geeks are the best…Smart, sexy and well informed. :)

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