Asian in Prometheus – Art Imitates Life

ImageBefore I begin my commentary on the token Asian in the movie, I just wanted to say that I liked it.  The trailer may have oversold the energy and the suspense of the story a bit, but what’s new there.

* Spoiler Alert *

* Don’t read further if haven’t see the movie or if you don’t want to know what happens *

* This commentary would make more sense to you if you have seen the movie, so see it before reading if you can *

I’d like to commend the writers on how accurately the Asian character is placed in the character dynamics.  Stands off to the side and speaks little; Plays a small role in the grand scheme of things; Waits while the white management and white scientific team fuck things up; Then dives in to fix their mess.

The black captain had a few funny lines.  The Asian guy, played by Benedicte Wong, had just some stupid lines and dialog with the ambiguously ethnic guy, played by Scottish actor Emun Elliott.

I was waiting throughout the movie for the black guy or the Asian guy to become cannon fodders.  But that moment didn’t come.  The aliens didn’t get them, but stereotype did.  I loved how they had sacrificed themselves to save Earth.

It was a total Harold-and-Kumar-plays-Thelma-and-Louise moment when the Asian, the black captain and ambiguous ethnic guy kamikazes their ship into the alien vessel.  But then that’s what dutiful minorities would do.

P.S. Maybe I will write about the Hentai nature of the aliens next.  The movie only showed guys getting tentacle raped in this movie.  With two strong female leads, is this a feminist statement or is male rape still a scarier concept?

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