Straights Denied G’Marriage. Says Marriage is Not Equal to G’Marriage.

There has been much excitement this week over Obama’s support of gay marriage announcement.  Great win for the gays some say.  And, on the “defense of marriage” camp, the argument escalates.

I see nothing wrong with Obama’s prior opinion that separate but equal is just as good.  Don’t get me wrong, I think separate but equal is not equal. As all math geeks know, ≠ does not mean <.  Consider the possibility that ≠ can mean >.  Even though equal is better than what we have now, it also means no better.

We are just arguing over the word “marriage” right?  I don’t deny that labels and symbolism are meaningful.  Gay.  Asian.  Geek.  Married.  HRC’s Logo.

But why would gays want to be associated with a word that has so much traditional and legal history and all the limitations associated?  Let the straights keep their sacred word and all of its positive and negative connotations.  Why shouldn’t we have a more suitable term for our own pair bonding and unions that belongs to us?  Why can’t we have a “g’marriage” or a “g’union”?  [Sounds Australian]

We all want equal rights.  But why equate a wonderful gay relationship with something that is as common and pedestrian as marriage?

Why attach ourselves to “marriage,” implying a 50-60% divorce rate and 50-70% adultery rate?

  • Start fresh with a new term that makes more sense.
  • Wipe the slate and create better stats.
  • Change the laws and toss away the negative bits.

Why should adultery be grounds for divorce?  And why should 99.9% of adulterers have to lie about it?  G’marriages and g’unions would not be defined by sex.  Imagine how much benefit that would do for pair bonding?  Make your own rules as to who-you-do and how-you-do-it independent of the laws of g’marriage.  Don’t let the government dictate your personal boundaries.  Let it be up to you and your partner(s).

(Statistics from

In a g’union, there wouldn’t be any reason why you can’t g’marry your first cousin.  Toss this law out!  No one is judging.  If you and your hot same-sex cousin want to be g’unioned, then go forth and don’t multiply.

There are so many other “legacy” laws that have been hanging around for way too long.  How many sodomy or decency laws are outdated and still in ill effect?  Marriage laws are just as outdated.  If it weren’t for all the financial, tax, and civil benefits of “marriage,” would gays even want it?  Given that we haven’t quite evolved enough to live happily ever after in polyamorous relationships yet, we probably will have to settle for some legal protections for gay pair bonding.  But why strive to be “equal” when we can do better?

When hetero couples see how much better the g’unions work, they may just want to be g’married too.  But too bad… they won’t be allowed.

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