Stocky & Muscular Asians

Yesterday my friend texted me to search on “stockyandmuscularasians” which lead me to a Tumblr page called “Stocky & Muscular Asians”.

My first thought at looking at the site was, “these guys are cute.”  I do sticky!  My next thought was more geeky, “this is a collection of copyright infringement!”  I will save my geeky commentary on copyrights for another time.  My next concern was to check on my friend who had sent the text without including comments other than to search for the site.

This text came a day after my friend and I had watched the documentary “The Adonis Factor”, the 2010 documentary on gay men and their desire for the perfect physique.

Sensing that there may be something wrong, I texted back and got the response:

“It disturbs me greatly.”

Which was about what I had expected.  I won’t post everything that was discussed, but the gist is over objectification of hot guys and stereotypes of gay Asians.

I had been debating this within my own geeky head since I had started this blog and have not came to any moral conclusions as to why objectification is so right or wrong.  Initially I thought negative stereotypes are bad and good stereotypes I’d accept.  I soon realized that that is somewhat hypocritical.  For now, I just accept that it is something that happens.  I had proposed to my friend that we start a photo site of average looking gay Asians.  His response was:

“That’s a losing proposition, isn’t it? Dove’s real beauty campaign hasn’t changed anything”

I thought the Dove campaign was effective, but then they used beautiful faces with average bodies.  It would not have been the same if they had used ugly faces on those same bodies.  Or even on hot bodies.  What I proposed was using real average people with average looks and bodies.

People think that objectification is purely physical.  I think people can objectify someone’s intellect or personality, or wealth just as easily as a physical body.  Well, we probably won’t call it “objectify” technically.  Maybe there is another word for it.  I’m no word geek.  Maybe one of you here can help me out with the word.

Some say beauty is superficial, and gym bunnies spend hours on their shell.  What do you think geeks do?  They are just as superficial about their intellect.  [Insert Big Bang Theory references here.]  They just spend their resources differently.  As any RPG gamer would know, you only have so many points to allocate to your character each time you level up.  We all allocate our resources differently.  And some people are just born with better stats than others, just like the random roll of the character dice.  Too bad for those whose race card pick is “orc”… or is it really such a negative thing?

Philosophically I feel that people born with beauty, personality and intellect are just playing the game at an easier level.  Life can be too easy.  There are trust fund babies who will never have to worry about working for a meal.  Some cheat on exams or use steroids, or ride on the coattail of their friends.

How you play the game is your business.  I know life is competitive.  But just realize victory is in how you play the game.  What is the fun in playing a game with cheat codes or in god mode?

For me, I feel that I’m playing this game at just the right level.  I have enough struggles that I can learn and grow; and enough success that I feel I am progressing; but also enough failures to keep me humble and having fun.

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