Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

Facebook Privacy

How far will you let your potential employer snoop into your private life?  Would you give up your privacy for a scholarship?  It turns out that employers, schools and scholarships have been asking for passwords to Facebook for a while.  And even when they don’t ask for passwords, they may ask to friend or view your Facebook page by either friending the HR recruiter or a potential boss. 


I try to keep my Facebook profile clean, but I can’t help that my friends post awful stuff about me.  You can scrape your wall continuously, but once you let that embarrassing photo be taken, it will always surface somehow.  If not on your page, it’ll be on your friends’.

So the best solution is not to be on the social network at all.  Or alternatively, keep a fake profile for your potential employers and keep the dirty stuff on a pseudonym so you will always have plausible deniability.

In the past month, several celebrity phones were hacked and nude self-pics were leaked.  Heather Morris, Olivia Munn, and Christina Hendricks.  But as long as the nude photo doesn’t include your face, you can deny it’s you, just like Olivia and Christina.  But that doesn’t stop the internet creeps from matching moles and freckles with your other pictures to identify you.  Don’t worry, keep telling everyone it’s a body double made to look like you.

For now, I’ll keep my filthy thoughts contained only to this fake profile.

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