Another Asian Shoots Up a School

Why can’t these guys control their crazy!  They are giving us Asians such a bad image.

The suspect is a 43 year old Korean man who was a former student of the school, Oikos University.  7 dead and 3 wounded in a small Christian college in Oakland, CA that caters to Koreans.

It was just a few years back in 2007 that another Korean, Seung-Hui Cho, shot up Virginia Tech killing 32 people and wounding 25 others.

Why can’t these guys handle their crazy?

According to the stats on Wikipedia on school shootings, the Virginia Tech massacre had the most number of victims.  And the Oikos University Shooting has the highest number of victims since Virginia Tech.

What crazies!  But we shouldn’t jump to conclusion and stereotype Koreans, or Christians, or oddball Asian geeks to all be crazies.  Even though some of us may be, we don’t go around shooting people.

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