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Movie: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Just watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi at a local indie film theater. As expected, the movie is a foodie geek’s feast of slowmo food porn. The main subject of the documentary, Jiro, is the ultimate sushi geek, who dedicated his … Continue reading

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GE Pigs Canned

In the NY Times article two days ago, there was an article on environmentally friendly genetically engineered pigs.  These “enviropigs” were created to be ecofriendly, but the program was halted because it couldn’t find a company to bring them to … Continue reading

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Another Asian Shoots Up a School

Why can’t these guys control their crazy!  They are giving us Asians such a bad image.

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Facebook Privacy

How far will you let your potential employer snoop into your private life?  Would you give up your privacy for a scholarship?  It turns out that employers, schools and scholarships have been asking for passwords to Facebook for a while.  … Continue reading

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